Mar. 2nd, 2013

I totes wrote something! It's been a long time.

Calculate the Damage

Danger in Beacon Hills doesn’t always come in the form of werewolves.

Fandom: Teen Wolf


Non Consensual touching
threats of rape
no actual rape
allusions to drug use

Nov. 24th, 2012

ah jeez. Apparently I haven't posted since May? Oops? LJ isn't that busy anymore these days and it makes me kind of sad. This was the place where fandom moved to when the eLists mostly died out and now it seems like fandom is on tumblr and twitter now. I...have a tumblr account. I do no posting of things. Well. I posted two things. I just use it to have a dashboard and so that I can follow the Teen Wolf fandom. Got sucked into that via an Avengers (must have ALL thing Clint Barton. rar!) crossover and I <3 everything Stiles now. Everything.

Hmm, let's see. Beat Diablo III on the first playthrough and then screamed (in anger) through half of nightmare level and then said fuck it and went back to XBox games. Spent some time playing Guild Wars 2, but then Borderlands 2 came out and I lost interest in MMOs (again). Got into TW fandom and forwent all games for a while, but I'm playing Skyrim on xbox and letting it suck me in again. The list of xbox games I have to play right now is scary long. I'll get to them! Someday. I just keep getting sucked into first person RPGs that have ALL THE CONTENT and I spent months playing them (because I get lost easy and I have to explore everything and talk to everything and get ALL THE QUESTS).

Been playing around in the dating pool and have been seeing someone for the past couple of months. We're both really bad at dating, I think, and maybe better off as friends? Hard to tell yet, but I do enjoy his company.

Spent Thankgiving with friends and had a blast, as usual. I'm very lucky to have such awesome people who choose to be friends with me. I <3 them so much. Heading back to Iowa the second week of December. The parents will be getting Roku boxes from me for xmas as well as a year's worth of Netflix. This will require me getting a wireless network set up for them, which will be an adventure, let me tell you. I've been brainstorming as to what I want to call their wireless network and what I should have their password be. And then I'll have to write down detailed instructions on how to use the Roku box and how to troubleshoot the router. Mom wants a netbook or a laptop, so I'll have to show her how to use that as well. It'll be a fun week. :)

I've also been baking a lot lately. Really enjoying making things from scratch. It's really satisfying when they turn out yummy, but not so good for the diet. I've got to get back on track with weight loss as I've hit another plateau, which means I have to get out there and start walking again because I was bad and slacked on that. The good news is that I went down another pants size which is an awesome thing.

And now, I go to bed and read some more TW fic. I've gotten over "reading bad fic" part of the honeymoon phase of the fandom, but sometimes I'm still weak and read it anyway.

May. 15th, 2012

Diablo III Collector's Edition, you are MINE. MINE. Mwhahahaha!

May. 11th, 2012

I'm so lame these days. I do nothing on Friday nights anymore. And honestly...I'm kinda tired. I'll probably go to bed early, even though I did that last night, too. My life, so exciting.

May. 8th, 2012

Me on tumblr looking through the MCR tag for pictures of Frank: Oh! I don't have that picture. Wait, maybe I do. No, I totally don't have that one. Or...maybe I have the full version of it? Do I have this picture NON instagramed? I can't TELL! These fucking kids with their scarily good photoshop skills. Or Instagram skills, I don't even know. Christ, that makes me feel old. I'm, like, 85% sure I have this picture. Hmm, but I might not. Fuck it, better grab it just in case. /right click save

Livejournal, come on.

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Point of reference, this is IMO something I think is worth getting upset over, rather than silly design changes.

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Alright, I am not drunk enough to deal with this, so I'm just going to put out this PSA:

Livejournal Scrapbook is going away. Your 10GB of Paid Member space is now 2GB. If you care, there is an explanation in Russian on the Russian news page. There's also a user-submitted translation.

+ You will no longer have access to your Scrapbook once this goes live.
+ Your images will redirect, but the URL will be different.
+ Unable to tell what will happen to any photos you have that put you over the 2GB limit.
+ Back up your Scrapbook just in case.
+ If you want your photos transferred over now instead of waiting, let them know here.

Mar. 30th, 2012

Today is a must get work out day, so I've got all my Fall Out Boy songs on shuffle (there are a lot). Makes me remember what an awesome team Pete and Patrick made--and hopefully will again! Once FOB is done, it's on to MCR (there are a lot more of them) and that should take me through the day.

Mar. 23rd, 2012

There is a Mikey Way circa 2005ish look alike here at the Kaiser Chiefs show. I am amused.

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Mar. 18th, 2012


Went to Vegas on the 8th for a girl's weekend and got back on the 12th. Had an AMAZING time. We walked all over the place, did a lot of shopping, had dinner at Craftsteak, and saw O (Cirque show).

I'd wanted to have dinner at somewhere fancy (i.e. super expensive) that pretty much required you to dress halfway decent, so we made reservations at Craftsteak and it did not disappoint! Naturally, I decided I would wear a dress for this awesome occasion. I hit up Kiyonna for my dress and I was not disappointed.

(click to make it bigger)
Me in a dress under the cut!Collapse )

Shopping wise, we hit up the Miracle Mile mall on Saturday and there was a Fossil store and well. I am helpless when it comes to Fossil. I may have bought a purse. It's this one right here. I love it!

There was also a piercing place in the MM mile and I ended up gauging my ears up from a 16g to a 12g--not a big stretch at all since I've had the 16's in for almost 2 years. I might go up to 10g and stop. We walked around a bit after that, had an afternoon snack/drink and my friend started talking about how she wanted to get dermals on the back of her neck. I've been wanting ones on my chest for a bit, so back we went to the piercing place.

Fresh chest dermals pic under the cut--little bloody!Collapse )

This is what they looked like the second day:

I'll cut again since people might not want to see...Collapse )

So far, I'm loving them. Sleeping has been...interesting because I tend to sleep on my stomach, which causes some discomfort. Some redness right now, but they're getting better. Following proper aftercare and all that jazz.

Had an awesome time and can't wait to do it again, but it'll have to wait til 2014, since 2013 is the Disney trip to Florida!

Mar. 7th, 2012

so as near as I can tell, all people do on tumblr is take pictures taken by other people and put them through Instagram and post them like they actually DID something. People, I don't need to see the same picture of Frank Iero sent through Instagram, then made black and white, then put through instagram AGAIN, then switched back to full color, and put through instagram. Again. Jesus.

You guys

Why did I not know how awesome Battlestar Galactic v 2.0 is? Because it is amazeballs and has Callum Keith Rennie it as a bonus. Sure he gets bludgeoned to death once or twice but he comes back! I'm only through the miniseries and I have alllll the rest of it to go. Exciting!

Feb. 28th, 2012

Ugh, poor Patrick/. My heart aches for him and the way he feels. I thought Soul Punk was amazing and if he'd toured anywhere near me I would have been there in a heartbeat. I hate that he feels like he shouldn't/couldn't/can't make music anymore. I think he has an amazing talent and not enough people realize that.

Feb. 21st, 2012

Dear uterus,

Please stop hurting. I have given you an offering of Midol and I'd like to do my workout today without cramps. The 30 Day Shred is tough enough on it's own, please don't make it worse. I promise to placate you again with Midol PM and go to bed early tonight. Let's not repeat the excruciating pain of ovulation like last month. That's a new addition to the process for some reason. I don't like it. It hurt. A lot.

No love (except when you don't hurt!),


P.S. Let's keep to this schedule, eh? If you interfere with my plans in June I will be VERY unhappy. VERY.

On a side note, I didn't know you could FEEL yourself ovulating. This is a thing that I did not know and the first time it happened I thought I was gonna die, oh my god. Only lasted a couple of hours but it hurt so bad every time I moved that I cried. I'm going to guess that my weight prior to this was causing issues and so I never really ovulated. Now that the weight is coming off, new things are happening and sometimes they suck. This is one of the sucky things. Being a girl is no fun sometimes.


Just picked up tickets to see Mindless Self Indulgence and Kaiser Chiefs! I've never heard any of MSI's music, so going to need to rectify this. Mostly I just want to go and ogle Lyn-Z's hot ass. You think she'll mind? I'm sure I won't be the ONLY one doing the ogling. *cough* Tickets are still available, so any local (or not local) fangirls who want to/are coming to the show let me know and we can meet up!

Excited to see the Kaiser Chiefs. I only have one of their albums but I've liked the stuff they put out after that. And it'll get me out of the house for some fun times!

Tempted to pick up tickets to the Black Keys just to see how their live show is, plus they're playing with Arctic Monkeys, so. Still thinking about it since tickets are $63 with fees. Maybe I'll wait until payday and see if any better seats pop up.

I'm going to Vegas in a little over a month! Plane tickets have been bought and hotel reserved. We're seeing "O" on Friday or Saturday night and having dinner out at Craft Steak (I think--it's my vote anyway!) as our extravagance items. I've got a dress to wear out for dinner and found a comfy-ish pair of heels to wear with it. They're Clarks, which aren't so bad. I didn't feel like I was going to fall off of them and that's a good sign.

So very excited to hear about MCR building out their own studio so they can go there and record whenever they want and not feel rushed. Boys! Adorable boys! Hopefully this means a new abulm soon-ish and then a new tour! Maybe I can make it to more than three shows. I'd love an excuse to visit my friends on the East coast and take in an MCR show while I'm there, haha.

I've been on a nail polish kick for a while now. Today's color is Blue Year's Eve by China Glaze. I found a 4 pack of christmas colors on amazon and this was one of them. Tried the Tinsel Town (dark grey with glitter) already and my god, it's so full of glitter that it's hard to remove--a similar polish to this is Lorelei's Tiara which is silver glitter with specs of blue and looks AMAZING (until it peels off--heavy glitter nail polish is a pain in the ass for real). Next up is to try Icicle (light shimmery grey), and I think I'll pair Snow Globe (clear w/iridescant glitter) over my Orly Liquid Vinyl (black) and it should look awesomesauce. I don't wear makeup ever except when I'm going out, so I play with nail polish instead. I really want ALL the polish EVER, but I'm not really fond of OPI since it seems to chip and peel off faster than other brands and OPI has too many fucking shades of red. I like weird colors and China Glaze and Orly are usually pretty good for that. I find SOME decent OPI colors, but mostly I stand there and stare at all the red bottles and cannot fathom why I would need that many different shades. Plus, polish is kind of pricey. $8 a bottle (some are $10) adds up quickly so I make do with what I have and pick up a new bottle here and there.

Still working on my werewolf big bang story. Finally got past a tough bit and now I need to get moving on it again. I really, really want to finish this story since I think it's a good one. Plus I've teased certain people with what's going to happen and they may kill me if it never gets done. I would hate to drop out. So! I'm going to continue to plug away at it.

Speaking of plugging away, I've got to get back to work. I actually have something (well, ONE thing) to work on.

Jan. 22nd, 2012

Oops, it's over a month since I last updated. I read my friends list all the time, I just forget to post. Not that anyone reads this journal much anymore, ha!

Let's see, since last post, my love for MCR continues unabated. I <3 them so.

--I've lost a total of 100.2 lbs since beginning my "weight loss journey" (it sounds SO much like a Biggest Loser thing, but it truly truly is a journey for me.) and I've become something of a clothes horse. It's amazing the clothes you can buy in smaller sizes. I mean, I knew that technically there were clothes out there, I just could never wear them. now, though, now there is a WHOLE world of clothes opening up and it's only going to get better!

--Went back to Iowa to visit the family for the holidays and had a great time! Not a single flake of snow and the temp was around 45-50 degrees the whole time. Did I mention this was in IOWA?

--Weathered the Snowmageddon 2012 for the Seattle area. I was stuck in the house for a week or so. Lucky for me, I work from home so I didn't have to take days off.

--Still keeping my hair purple/black. Though, this last time around I've got a bit of hot pink in it, too.

--Enjoying the hell out of the D&D game where we're all playing descendents of our characters from another adventure. It's a blast.

--Earlier this month, I was jonesng for another piercing of some sort. I already have both traguses, two cartilege piercings in each ear, two in each my lobes, off center labret, and my nose done. I didn't want to just get another couple holes in my ear. So today I got my nipples pierced. Yes, yes I did. The pain was...not bad when the right one was done. It hurt, yes, but it was an interesting hurt. My left nipple went soft (haha) in defense so it took a bit of doing (e.g. grabbing and pinching) to get it to rise back to the occasion. As a result, that one hurt more to do. I got barbells, but might switch to CBRs when they heal up enough. They sting like a motherfucker and I am so thankful that I just bought a sports bra for exercising because there is NO way I'm letting the girls flop around in bed. OUCH. In a couple of months I can go back and get a smaller ring/barbell if I want. They're already a 14g so I don't think I will be making that any bigger.

--For my MMO fix, I've been playing Star Wars: The Old Republic. It's a pretty goddamn good time. For those that played KOTOR, it takes place about 1000 years after that.

--I also signed up for the werewolf big bang. Oh god oh god. Must get to writing on that. I already have about 10k written but I've barely scratched the surface. So! I must work on that.

--Having a girls weekend with some friends of mine in Vegas this March. We're having dinner out someplace super fancy and hitting a show. The rest of the time we will be bums and eat at buffets or other places cheaper. I've got an awesome awesome dress to wear for dinner and just need to find a pair of shoes that won't kill me to wear, even though we WILL be cabbing it that night.

Annnnd that's about it. I'm gonna go watch something mindless on Netflix and wait for the ibuprofen to kick in.


Work is slow as hell again. Happens every time we get close to Christmas. So I spend all day looking at one file when I should really just do the fucking thing and then I can do other things guilt free. I fear that I am a procrastinator.

In gaming news, LOVED Star Wars: The Old Republic. I got into a couple of the beta weekends and I thought I'd hate it, I really did. But in fact, I got way into it from a role playing perspective. Didn't think I would, since I suck at RP-ing, but since our guild is playing Imperial at launch, I made my inquisitor the evilest bitch I could. Goddamn, that was fun. I killed everyone I could, given the chance. I was evil incarnate. TOR has "levels" of dark side and I got to level 2 by the time beta was over. My character's eyes had turned yellow and she had black lines around her eyes and mouth. I can't wait to see how fucked up she can get when the game comes out officially.

Canceled Rift and managed to do it right before my free month was up and it was about to renew. I went and bought Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim and oh my GOD is that game addictive. Like, seriously seriously addictive. I was up until 4AM playing it on Saturday/Sunday. I have a bajillion quests and there's all this STUFF to look at everywhere. I met a talking dog and we killed a bunch of elves together. It was pretty awesome. I'm part of the Dark Brotherhood (we kill people!) and the Thieves Guild (we...steal shit, obv) and a member of the Stormcloaks (rebellion!) and STILL not even close to scratching the surface of the game. Not to mention all the dragons all over the place. Whew. 37 hours into the game and I have so much to do. Won't get it done before TOR comes out, but it'll be a good thing to play to get my fantasy fix.

MCR was on Yo Gabba Gabba and while I have no idea what Yo Gabba Gabba is other than a kids show I was LOVING their little song and their little outfits and their BIG smiles. OMG. Frank's HUGE smile at the end. Ugh. They are ADORABLE. I love them. I know I probably won't always have this HUGE LOVE for them, but I will always LOVE them. Any new albums or singles or anything that comes out I will buy. They've become one of the bands that I will always always support. They'd have to do something really heinous for me not to love them.

MCR musing..,

I think I love Bulletproof Heart more every time I hear it.

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Nov. 14th, 2011

It's windy today! This may seem like nothing unless you live in the Seattle area (and possibly the Pac NW? I do not know about Portland.) because we just do not get wind here. No, I'm not kidding. This was VERY weird to me when I first moved out here. I come from the plains of Iowa where it's windy all the goddamn time and when it's not and it's tornado season, you should probably go somewhere safe.

I digress.

Wind--we don't has it. Oh, there's breezes and the like, but actual wind? Doesn't happen all that often, But when it does, look out. Maybe five years ago we had such high winds it knocked power out all over the place. I have lost power in my own home after a particularly strong set of gusty winds and today, it's blowing the wind chime (which doesn't go off that often haha) into the house and making me think the house is being attacked before I realize that it's the goddamn wind chime. It's not so much a wind chime as it is a wooden viking boat with a gong in it. Hence the ruckus is makes when wind slams it into the house.

It's also cold today! 46 degrees. Brrr. Yeah, I'm a pussy when it comes to cold weather now. I have acclimated to the PacNW, okay? I make no apologies. I love the weather here. I love it even more now that I work from home and I don't have to go out in the rain every day and if it snows? Who cares! It's feeling like we might be in for some snow this winter, so we shall see. It'll fuck everything up, of course, because we have like, ONE snowplow and I don't think it even lives on this side of the pass (no I'm not joking. in 2005, they SHUT DOWN the interstate with a ton of people on it from 9 at night to 5 AM, I had a friend who had to pee on a blanket because of the traffic. Luckily I had called in sick that day and did not have to experience the trauma of getting stuck on the bus. people abandoned their cars all over the place...just left them and walked. it was craziness.) so I'm super thankful that I don't have to worry about everyone else's inability to drive in the snow (pump the brakes, do not STOMP on them. also, your 4x4? does not mean you can go 80 miles a fucking hour. also snow coming down does NOT mean come to a complete stop. if the temp is above 32, you should be fine, just get the fuck home but do it going faster than 2 miles an hour. GOD.)

All of this is brought to you by the fact that I have no work to do and the light bulbs I bought are the wrong size, so I have to go back out in the cold AGAIN and exchange them. That and I want to go reserve my copies of Star Wars: The Old Republic and a collectors edition of Diablo 3.

Nov. 8th, 2011

Slow day at work today. Middle of the week is always lacking in work, but it picks up late Thursday, early Friday. Just as well, though. I spent about two hours on the phone with the help desk because I couldn't get logged back into my computer after I lost connection. The anti virus wouldn't load and after fucking with it a bunch and getting a trouble ticket, Of course, once I got off the phone with the guy, that shiny little gold shield showed up and seemed to be working fine. WTF, computer? I mean, really. I have had more technological issues since I started working from than in the 15 years I've been with the company.

There was drama with Comcast yesterday. They hate this address. I think it's cursed or something. Basically, we got their phone service for me to use as a telecommuter. Apparently they assigned us TWO phone numbers and only told us one. This was July. In August they turned around and gave that number to someone else. But I was still using and receiving phone calls at that number. Fast forward to yesterday and right in the middle of a conference call, the dialtone does a "beep beep beep" and then nothing. I get on an online chat with the rep which is annoying slow at times. Long story short, I made Gordon call them and talk to them reasonably (while being scary at the same time) and they fixed the error they made. I guess someone was fixing fuck ups and fixed mine. I hate Comcast so much. The absolute MINUTE we can switch to someone else, we will.

Going back to Iowa in December over Christmas to visit the family for a week. It's the first time in probably 6 years that I'll be home for the holidays. I will miss not having Christmas at Gregg and Peter's. It's tradition to do Thanksgiving and Christmas at their place every year. We're even braving downtown Seattle on the day after T-day to see the lighting of the tree at Seattle Center. Crazy amounts of people, but easy enough to take the bus down to Seattle and watch the madness.

Annnnd the software that I use to connect remotely just booted me off. Again. That fucking program hates me with a passion. Sigh. Better go fix it.

Ha, yeah, no. Completely lost the internet AND my phone. Had to call Comcast. See? They hate this house.

Nov. 3rd, 2011

Doing NaNo, but not trying to beat it. Instead I'm using it to help me write my werewolf AU fic. By the time signups for werwewolf bigbang come around, I should feel confident in signing up. A rough draft due in April is totally doable. Debating on whether or not I should go somewhere and write. I keep getting distracted at home and my roommates keep talking to me. I had JUST started writing last night, literally typed four words and Gordon says "Are you nano-ing?" Well, yes. I WAS. Thank you. Also it would be a good idea to be somewhere without internet. I don't know. We'll see. I'm still making progress and I've moved the story past the point where I got stuck and the plot is finally advancing.

It's weird. I've wanted to be a writer since I was in third grade and entered a story into the Young Author's program at school and won. It's always been at the back of my mind through college, etc. I wrote fic for a while, then found gaming and MMO's and pretty much lost track of fandom for a while. Even now I mostly lurk in fandoms. Getting into MCR actually made me some fandom friends. Shocking!

I think I just need to write something every day or at least try to so I can get back into the practice of actual writing.I may never be the great American novelist, but it might be fun to try. Twilight got published, after all.


Doing NaNo this year and the time is almost upon me! Going to use it as a good way to get my MCR werewolf AU (probably) done so that i can sign up for the Werewolf Big Bang! This makes me nervous and I know my story won't be half as good as a lot of them if last year's big bang was anything to go by. Still going to do it, though. The story must be finished so needlemage knows how it ends. :)

Tonight is D&D night! We've started playing Gregg's game--a "sequel" of his campaign that we played about 5 years ago. All our characters are descendants of the ones we played in that game. It's all very cool.

And now that the help desk has fixed my issues, back to work I go!

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Canceled my WoW account. I've been subbed since launch day, almost 7 years now. It was time to move on...the game just wasn't holding my attention anymore. I'm now spending the majority of my time playing XBox. Finished Dead Island (need a break before the 2nd playthrough, just cannot face doing the city again so soon), finished Gears of War 3 (great story, short campaign--need to try some co-op), finished Space Marine (FUCK the Ork boss, for real), and now I'm working my way through Dead Space (SO good). All of this in anticipation of RAGE, which comes out tomorrow, and which I'm going to go pick up tomorrow at Gamestop. Ugh. All the gameplay videos for RAGE, I love them. They were at PAX this year and I dismissed the game without taking a close look. Should have tried to get a chance to play it. But I get to play it tomorrow, so yay!

Thinking about signing up for the Werewolf Big Bang, which looks like it'll start in January. I've got the story started so it would just be a matter of buckling down and writing the damn thing. I still want to finish it--there are people demaniding it (*cough*needlemage*cough*) and I'm still excited about it, so finish it I shall!

Watching Chopped on Hulu and updating my Dad's website. After this, gonna go play some more Dead Space and see how far I can get before RAGE comes out.


Of course it amuses me to think that this is Frank texting Gerard for help. Yes, I am a dork.


I need the original of this picture, like, stat. hair pulling, omg. hotness.

games night with the D&D people and since our GM had a root canal, we just played games and I enjoyed some of the leftover vodka. mmmmmmm. very toasty right now and it all ended too soon, imo. Too soon! not one to drink in bars, but I could have hung out talking with people for a lot longer. sigh. was not to be, sadly. but meeting tomorrow to walk around pike's place market (which I've never fully explored) and visit the doc marten shop (I have some expendadle income this paycheck) to see what pair suits me and fits the best.

Tempted to play Dead Island, but I'm drunk, so I don't know how well that will go, also I want to remember the quest line, so.

Totally going to pay for this on the scale tomorrow, for real. Oh well. Have to let loose sometime or another, right?

Sep. 13th, 2011

Ugh. Frank. FRANNNNNNNNNNNNNK. Words. I don't has them. Maybe I do... his NECK. That EXPRESSION. The SHAGGY HAIR. Dead. I am DEAD. DEAD AND ON CAPSLOCK.

That's what this picture did to me.

Aug. 31st, 2011

I went to PAX this past weekend with like, 80,000 other people (literally!) and had a blast. I met Steve Jackson and said "Hi!" to Wil Wheaton on the escalator. I went to some really great panels and missed out on a few others due to the insane amounts of people there.

I also got the con crud. Bleh. I can tell I'm actual fax sick because even though MCR is tomorrow night all I can really think of is getting through the workday and then going to bed. Which I shall be doing very very soon here. I may make it there, I may not. I got to see them three times this year, way up close each time, so if I don't make it tomorrow night, it's okay.

Been big into console gaming lately.WoW is no longer doing it for me. I keep forgetting that I was in the middle of writing something. But I saved all the text messages needlemage and I had about the fic, so I should be good to go when I get back into it.


Gerard as a giant homophobic asshole and your warning is "light homophobia"? Ugh. There is AU and then there is "so AU that I don't know who you're writing about." Jesus.

Also, please to keep your tenses the same throughout the story. You hurt mah brain.

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MCR last night

Does anyone know if it's been recorded so I can download it! Currently at PAX and haven't been able to search it out.

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Once again...

...I call upon my friends list.

Does anyone have the non BTFLN version of this photo?

Because OMG, FRANK. Just...Frank. OMG.

Whyyyyy is he so hot? There is no reason, I know, but goddamn Frank. It's unfair that you just keep getting hotter.

No, okay? Just, NO.

Poorly done BDSM stories make me want to cry. If one partner doesn't really want to and the other partner does it anyway and then brings in someone else and doesn't tell his partner...that's non consensual. WTF. Not cool. Not cool at all.

Okay, SO!

I had purchased a ticket to see MCR on the Honda Civic Tour a couple of months back, whenever they went on sale, and I ended up with a seat that wasn't awesome, but wasn't the best. But no way was I paying $231 for the "Special Blink 182 VIP Package", either.

So tonight, I'm tooling around and I get the Live Nation email update and I decide, for shits and giggles, that I'm going to check and see what seats are left.

This was a good idea.

The ticket I bought a while back was section 207.

The ticket I just bought is for section 102. Same price.

Fuck, YEAH!

So this means I have an extra ticket. If you know anyone that might want to buy it (or perhaps YOU do), they/you can have it for $80, which is less than it cost me to buy it.

OMG, I am EXCITED! I'll be THAT MUCH CLOSER. And I bet I'll get some pretty decent pictures using my awesome new camera.

Now, I'm not Frank side, but beggars can't be choosers. I'm still seeing MCR again and I can't fucking wait. That'll be four times this year. Whee!

Aug. 10th, 2011

I keep staring at that picture of Frank's back and thinking "Look at his little WAIST and his broad SHOULDERS...unf!" Like, I knew he HAD them, of course. But it's one thing to know it and another to SEE it, you know? Another reminder that Frank is not a delicate flower, okay? He can totally fuck you up. With his tiny waist and broad shoulders.


this does not mean that I don't want to continue to read fic where the guys take care of Frank. Because I do.

Yeah. I'm hopeless. Oh well.

Aug. 7th, 2011

Where does one find these pictures of Frank riding a bike? I've found one, seen another in an icon... These are needed for my Frank picture collection!

Maybe I'm just not in the right communities.


Awesome dinner at Benihana with awesome friends!

This year's birthday gift to myself: a Coach cover for my iPad

Tomorrow is the houseparty. Lots of things to do before everyone gets here.

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Jul. 24th, 2011

So, this picture. ADORABLE. Mostly because he is so WEE. And just sort of...lounging around. I just want to hang out with MCR and shoot the shit. I'm also firmly convinced that Frank just does not get rid of clothes. Ever. He wore this same hoodie at some shows last year. Oh, Frank. I <3 you.

I can't promise these will stay very daily, but I'll try my very best.

Jul. 23rd, 2011

I found this one...somewhere. Pic spam post, probably. Anyway. His NECK. And I think I spy a new tattoo, probably part of the heart locket that's near the scorpion.

Either way, I want to lick him. But I won't. Because I'm not creepy like that. Sigh.

I'm sorry, what now?

There's a BBB summary with warnings for human taxidermy. HUMAN TAXIDERMY.

I'm nonplussed is what I am. Non-fucking-plussed.

In other news, I think I need to start posting a Daily Frank picture that makes me happy.

Let me just go and do that...


Listening to MCR's iTunes live show and oh. My. God. So fucking in love with the way Frank plays guitar. Gerard was also ON FIRE for this show.


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Just wrangled an invite to Google Music. and by wrangled, I mean that I entered in my email address in the "ask for an invite" section. So, woot!

Won't be uploading any music just yet as we're at like 111gb for usage per Comcast and only halfway through the month. We should be fine if we continue normal usage, but doing a ton of music uploading might send us into that 250gb FUCK YOU CONSUMER land as Comcast doesn't like that shit, yo.

Telecommuting has been given the big thumbs up, so by the end of this month I will be working from home. I'm just happy to still have a job. It'll be weird, but I'm starting to get the area for my desk set up. Need to steal one of the plastic mats from work so as not to fuck up the carpet anymore than it already is. Work is providing our PCs, monitors, and incidental office supplies (though we are strictly paperless--no printing allowed!) I have to provide a phone. I have a headset, I just need some sort of adapter to use with the phone. I did buy a phone, but I have to take it back as I found a review on Amazon that said the phone I got does not play well with the Plantronics headset I have. So! It shall be returned.

Writing continues apace. Had to completely revamp some shit and that was pretty disheartening, but I got past it. It's so hard to be patient and not rush the story and get to the scenes that are the most vivid in my head. But I'm getting there.

Jul. 11th, 2011

Watching the Live in Mexico DVD. The intro where Frank and Ray are talking and Ray puts his hands on Frank's shoulders and he is just so WEE. And ADORABLE. And he does all these cool things with his guitar Seriously, I could watch Frank play guitar all goddamn day.

I notice he doesn't sing much backup on songs from TBP. Noticed this at the concerts I went to as well. Revenge and Killjoys songs: lots of backup singing. TBP: practically none. I wonder if it's because of all the guitar fuckery going on. Hmm.

I have no other important thoughts to offer. I used them up on writing tonight. It's not supposed to be easy, I know, but damn. Those 546 words were being a BITCH.

Jul. 10th, 2011


So that point when you're writing and you have this sneaking suspicion that things aren't going as well as you'd like them to? I hit that and needlemage was kind enough to agree with me that yes, shit was not going well and help me work through it even though she knows nothing of Bandom or MCR. (I did give her some visual help, had to be done.) It's actually a good thing, having someone who knows nothing about the band's history or anything about the guys in general to offer opinions. Also, it's helpful that she can tell me that I'm WAY too far off the reservation and I need to rein my ass in. Writing a fic that hits a lot of my kinks is fun, but some of them had to be sacrificed for the story and the story will be better for it.

Now, I have to scrap about, um, 8 pages. Well, at least save it and see if it can be salvaged and used later.

/goes back to writing

Jul. 9th, 2011

Sitting in the salon with a buttload of color in my hair. Contemplating my story and how to get over the uncomfortable conversation hump I'm stuck at right now. I was working through it when I had to leave to come to the salon.

Watched the MCR livestream on iTunes. Will probably rewatch it when I get home. Or maybe I'll just listen to MCR and write some more. I'll save tomorrow for playing Dungeon Siege 3.

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well, boo

I'm getting my hair done at 2 and MCR goes on at 3:45. I fear I won't be done in time to watch all of the show streaming. Here's hoping an industrious fan records it. I want to see my boys!

Jul. 8th, 2011

We've been so slow at work this past week that I actually ran out of things to do on the internet. I read my entire google reader (I was 1000+ in the hole), refreshed my friends list a bajillion times, wrote more of the epic werewolf fic in between checking my email and poking at Google+, and now I'm contemplating watching Buffy on Netflix.

However, I really need to do some more writing. Considering I have this spiffy new keyboard--the keys, oh my GOD, the keys--full mechanical keyboards are a thing of beauty, I'm telling you. Plus, programmable keys and macros and shit for gaming. As soon as I can get my computer to recognize that I HAVE a Black Widow plugged in, I'll fuck around with it. Until then, I can't really be assed to redownload the drivers and restart. Meh, I say. MEH.

So after a weekend of fic talking with nemoinis I got inspired to write again. I was half asleep and came up with this werewolf story idea and it's somehow evolved into this epic THING where I keep coming up with scenes I want to add and like, danger! and intrigue! and Frank! and threesomes! with werewolves! So inspired, in fact, that I actually started WRITING IT DOWN. I haven't written anything of significance in, oh god, YEARS. My last big fandom was, I think, Popslash. The last one that I did any particpating in, that is. due South and Sentinel were my other big ones, but I was young and dumb to the ways of the internet and there were people that I pissed off and then there was Popslash, and then gaming came along and I took, like, a four year break from fandom.

Really no point to this post other than a yay Fall Out Boy and My Chemical Romance for making me WANT to participate in fandom again, even if it's not in a hardcore way. I gotta have someone to sqee about this shit with, none of my RL friends save for a few get the whole fandom thing and the ones that do aren't into bandom. That's why nemoinis is so awesome! Heh.

Now I go to do some more of the writings.

Welp, I did it.

Bought a ticket for the Blink 182/My Chemical Romance show on Sept 1st. Did not splurge on the big ticket. I went for the middle priced one. Section 207, Row 2, Seat 8. I'll be the one in the hat. Heh. I didn't get into MCR fandom wise until late 2009 and I was never a big concert goer before this, but I'm finding I really do like them, if only to take lots of pictures. Seriously, concert photographer sounds like a sweet gig.

Also, I just couldn't let MCR come to town again and NOT see them. Had to be done. So I have not quite nosebleed seats and I'm sure it's a big enough tour that they'll have monitors set up. like sadiane said, it'll be nice to see Gerard and Co. work a large crowd of people. I wonder what the mix will be. Mostly Blink or mostly MCR?

I'm hoping that Blink either always goes on last or that MCR happens to be going first for the Seattle show, because I don't know that I want to sit through the Blink show. I like them, but I dont LIKE them like them.

And now bedtime. More ideas for the fic of my ID running around through my head and I need to think on them some more and see where they go.

Jul. 7th, 2011

Is it wrong of me to want a video camera on Frank full time during shows so i can watch his hands very closely and memorize all his parts so that when i listen to the album I can sigh over how awesome he is?

Too creepy?

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Jul. 5th, 2011

I sort of hate everyone today. People on 405 were fucking LUCKY that I did not go homicidal on all the dumb fuckers on the road.

I suspect PMS.

Now I'm having chicken and some garlic naan and a diet coke. And watching Hoarders.

Ahahahah, OMG WTF?

I know we have asshole!Frank, but I think we just found asshole!Gerard.

I have NEVER seen this picture before:

asshole!Gerard pointing! Mikey being unimpressed! Frank licking Ray's candy cane! Ray making porn faces.

Must find original. This needs to go with my other mumble600mumble pictures of Frank.

Ahem. Okay, back to writing. There's porny werewolf threesome fic of my ID to write. All nemoinis 's fault. *nod*


This picture!

Image and video hosting by TinyPic

Do I see a new Frank tattoo right by the scorpion??

Jun. 29th, 2011

Contemplated maybe possibly getting a ticket to see MCR in September at White River Amphitheater. There's seats available, but um. PRICEY. OMG PRICEY.

The only seats you can get that would be, you know, DECENT-ISH are $231.



It's some Blink 182 Official VIP package THING. GA or Seated...up to you. No way in hell I would ever do GA, but.


That is a LOT OF MONEY.

I love MCR, but I don't know if I love them THAT much, you know? And I can take or leave Blink.

But...chance to see the boys again!

Someone talk me out of this. It's a bad idea.

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